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IRS Audit Representation in Philadelphia

Taxation continues to haunt mightiest of businesses and individuals around the world. If you have inadvertently missed filing tax return or facing any internal taxation issue, lean on Tax Pa for IRS audit representation in Philadelphia.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is a US government agency that administers tax collection and law enforcement for high net worth individuals and companies. It, in fact, closely screens every single tax document to determine the legitimacy of your tax returns.

If found guilty, you are liable to face a severe tax bill that only adds more financial burden and a show down of your public image. End your ordeal with a highly recommended partner - Tax Pa where we provide IRS audit representation to individuals and companies alike.

Most people calculate and file tax on their own, fearing that sensitive financial information about their real assets and other properties will be leaked. From providing tax planning/preparation to filing the accurate tax returns, we are just a call away. Remember, IRS auditors have the right to prune your records if the need arises. All you need is a strong defense to beat all the blows with Tax pa.

Escape all the grilling and financial penalty with Tax Pa experts by your side.

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Types of IRS Audits:

IRS audits are no less than a nightmare for individuals or businesses. However, non-compliance of prevailing taxation rules and regulations only invites trouble. Generally, there are three types of audits that call for the need of  IRS Audit Representation:

  • Correspondence Audits

The Internal Revenue Service, on finding conclusive evidence, can generate number of notices to the taxpayers which he or she may have to respond to within stipulated time. Failure to do so will multiply the penalty.

Our Tax Professionals have sufficient knowledge and expertise to provide strong IRS audit representation in front of the IRS. Be it with interest rate, deductions, savings or any other simmering issue, we closely examine all the records to give strong defense.

  • Office Audits

Taxpayers are often asked, through notice, to appear in the Internal Revenue Service office on a scheduled time and date. The IRS has the reputation of being stern with the taxpayers if they have sufficient evidence against them. Get strong IRS audit representation and irs resolution services to prove your innocence and reduce the penalty levied.

  • Field Audits

A field audit is the most detailed kind of IRS audit. In a field audit, an IRS representative will come to the taxpayer's home or place of business to examine the relevant records. The field audit is performed by an IRS Revenue Agent. IRS Revenue Agents are generally more skilled and knowledgeable than other IRS representatives. Get strong IRS audit representation if you face field audits.

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