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IRS Problem Resolution

Does getting a notice for IRS audit gives you nightmare? Well, you can rest all your concerns with our professional IRS problem resolution services in Philadelphia. Whether it is a small company or large conglomerate, our experts are proficient to successfully navigate multiple IRS complications along with matters concerning your local and state tax returns.

Most companies adhere to filing the tax on time and with full compliance. However, if during some unavoidable situation, some companies default, it calls for a notice from the IRS department.  There is no need to panic if you have professional IRS problem resolution team by your side.

We provide complete assistance in filing the tax in order to escape unnecessary levies, liens or any other penalty.  Our specialists strive to provide an amicable solution which includes an Offer in Compromise to settle the matter before it gets worse for you.

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IRS Problem Resolution Services:

With years of experience in the field, AATS has garnered the trust of many companies to most of their financial matters in Philadelphia. Our services include:

  • Tax Return

We will put your strong IRS audit representation to help you get the most feasible solution. It includes tax return in easy installation, less penalty, Offers in compromise and more.

  • Wage Garnishment:

If in case court orders to withhold some amount of your salary paycheck to in order to make the payment you owe to, we will present your case with utmost dedication.

Get Complete Audit Assistance With Us

We, as a trusted company, provides  comprehensive IRS problem resolution services to corporates and individuals alike. Irrespective of the challenges that come along, our highly qualified experts are committed to pay close attention to the intricate details before proposing any solution to your business.

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GM@TaxPA.com to know more information about IRS problem resolution services in Philadelphia.