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File Sales Tax Return In Philadelphia

Every business has to file for sales and use tax in the city of Philadelphia. This tax is collected by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. If you are seeking assistance in filing for sales tax return, do not hesitate reaching out to Affordable Accounting.

Our experienced and certified CPAs have proven track record of assisting businesses in preparing and filing sales and use tax returns with strict adherence to the prevailing industry compliances.

Irrespective of the size of the business and industry vertical, we are just a call away to manage all the formalities leading to sales tax return in Philadelphia.

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Who Must File Sales Tax Return ?

Taxpayers have to pay the legit Sales Tax as applicable on goods and services provided by vendors operating in Philadelphia.  All the vendors collect this tax when a customer makes a purchase of the product or service.  All the accumulated amount is then paid to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

However, the Use Tax comes in the main picture when vendor does not have to collect Sales Tax directly from a customer at the time of purchase. In such case, the customers file the returns and pay their share of returns on their own.

You can pay the Sales and Use tax online with the Commonwealth through their e-TIDES System. If you need assistance, Tax Pa is more than pleased to assist you. Consult us now.